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After a life-long fascination for all types of music I have recently completed a degree in classical composition and would like to offer my services to musicians and music organisations.

A potted biography

As a child I lived on the beachfront in Ruby Bay, back then a remote country settlement at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. In the evenings my parents listened to classical records in the lounge, while my younger sister and I sat in the dining room with our ears glued to the radio, listening to the Hit Parades.

We loved Rock ‘n Roll with its incredible melodies. I used to sing them, whistle them and in later years dance and party to them. I can still remember the words and musical minutiae of many of them. Not just the songs of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley through to The Beatles and ABBA, but many more that are now virtually forgotten, and which in their time were universally popular.

After the Beatles I became increasingly bored with popular music and my preferences turned to the classical music of my parent’s day. Now I attend numerous concerts with my partner Barbara, mostly comprising older classics and operas, but we also seek out the more “accessible” contemporary music, such as Richard Strauss’s operas and his beautiful Four Last Songs.

I spent most of my working life as a civil engineer in New Zealand and developing countries, interrupted for a few years when I established the first exclusively pinot noir vineyard in the South Island.

In my later years I became increasingly preoccupied with ideas and inspirations for musical works – mostly classical and operatic, but also blues and crossover – and it frustrated me that I did not have the skills to bring these to fruition.

Despite having had no previous musical training I set about learning classical composition, first through private study and tutoring and then, from 2011, as a senior student at the University of Auckland where in 2014 I graduated with a BMus (Composition).

I firmly believe that a return to strong harmonies and melodic lines would make contemporary classical music more accessible and draw in a wider audience base to the classical genre. To this end I am totally committed to composing music that I and other people will enjoy listening to. That is my goal, pure and simple.

However I am also keen to assist performers and organisations in any way that I can, and to prepare music for performance including transposing and orchestration of existing scores.

I now live at Port Waikato, a beautiful settlement at the mouth of the Waikato River on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

"Food feeds the body.
Reading feeds the mind.
Love feeds the heart.
But music feeds the soul."

Port Waikato